Visit The King's Observatory - 16th September - 23rd October

The King’s Observatory will again be open to the public for a limited period, weekdays only from 16th September to 23rd October this year.  On account of the precautions required to protect our visitors from Covid-19, we have this year adopted a different formula – details of which are set down below.

Special Covid-19 arrangements

  • Individual time slots for a single visitor can be purchased with each slot spaced 10 minutes apart.
  • A family living in the same house up to a maximum of four may conduct a tour together. However as only single time slots are available, family parties of two or more up to four will need to purchase together the appropriate number of successive time slots and then select for themselves which of the single time slots purchased suits them best.
  • Children below 12 years of age will not be permitted unless accompanied by an adult.

Before you arrive

  • Your “guide” will be the same audio tour as on our website. You will be able to listen directly to this throughout the tour. This audio will also include instructions as to the route to be followed. Although it should be possible to listen to the guide directly from your phone, you may wish to bring your own headphones for this purpose.
  • To access our website upon arrival please download the free QR Code App from your App Store if you do not already have it or your phone does not include this feature.
  • If you’re showing any of the symptoms of coronavirus, or if you’ve been in contact with anyone that has the virus in the last 14 days, please don’t visit. Your pre-purchased ticket will be refunded.
  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask whilst you are in the house. Please bring your own face mask. Hand sanitizers will be provided.
  • Please arrive within your time slot. Sadly, if you’re more than 5 minutes late, we will not be able to guarantee you entry. Your entry will be at the discretion of the property staff and will be based on visitor numbers and the ability to maintain social distancing.

On arrival

  • Your ticket will be checked and temperature taken. Hand sanitizer is available. You will be provided with disposable shoe covers.
  • You will access the audio guide during your visit by scanning the QR code at the entrance.
  • A free explanatory booklet on the background to the Chinese wallpaper in the Dining Room will be provided to all visitors.

During your visit

  • To help keep everyone safe, please always follow social distancing and government guidance during your visit.
  • There are no facilities for eating or drinking available. Toilet facilities are provided at the entrance.
  • There will be CCTV surveillance in all rooms. Any queries can be directed to the guide on duty at the end of the tour.
  • Each tour is estimated to last some 90 minutes. Visitors are requested to bear in mind government mandated social distancing requirements.

Other matters to be noted

  • Tickets for these tours must be purchased online via this website.
  • No dogs please.
  • The driveway that runs through the golf course to the building and all users are asked to respect the rules of golf and give way to all players on the course so as to minimize any inconvenience to members.
  • There no facilities for wheel-chaired handicapped to visit the Cupola. Otherwise welcome.


The King’s Observatory, TW9 2SB Entrance off the A316.  Access is by way of the shared driveway with the Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club


By Train:  District Line or Main Line to Richmond Station from Clapham or Waterloo

By Bus:  Bus No. 490 to Pools on the Park which located at the entrance to the driveway.

By Car:  There is ample free parking available

By Foot:  It is approximately a 25 minute walk from Richmond Station to the King’s Observatory.

Please take care to observe the Golf Club Rules which are clearly signposted.